Our Workshops

What to expect:

- You make a beautiful unique creation of your own (made with durable stretch cord)

- 6mm & 8mm size natural crystals and woods to choose from

- Explore intention setting through meditation and breath work

- Read up on the meanings and properties of the crystals you chose

- Creations are cleansed with Palo Santo or White Sage before leaving

- Any style of yoga can be added to the workshop for an additional cost

Mala Bracelet: Learn how you can incorporate your Mala Bracelet into meditation

- Mala Necklace: Learn about a Mala Necklace, why 108? and how to meditate with it


Mala Bracelet workshop: two mala bracelets are created (2hr)

Mala Necklace workshop: one mala necklace is created (2.5hr)


Hold one of your own!

Private Workshops

If you're looking for a team building exercise (working together to create a positive and therapeutic environment), bringing your community together or simply having a night in.. our workshops are a fun and creative way to do that! The best part is that we bring the workshop to you. You choose the time, location and up to 15 people to share the good vibes with and we bring the supplies. What to expect is the same as above but in the comfort of your own home or beloved studio space. Just give us a shout to get started.


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