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We sell these handmade beauties over Instagram and they are made to each be unique and different from the last rather than mass produced.  We mostly do custom designs.


This is why we do not have a catalog where you choose the packages of already made items. If possible, I feel it is important to personally stop by your store to show you a wide variety of samples made in our more popular designs and styles as well as the more popular and well-known crystals.


By not having an already put together catalog package, this also allows you to have a more customizable order. If there are particular crystals, tassels or charms you would like to have on your mala necklaces, we can do that.

DIY Kits coming to wholesale soon!

Your Investment

50% OFF!

For wholesale orders, you receive 50% off!


Our mala bracelets sell at $30. This means you get each bracelet for only $15 and can list it at any price you feel is right for you and your store, or you can simply follow the prices we list them at.


Our mala necklaces vary in price but stay within the price range of $65-$90. This means you get the mala necklaces within the price range of $32.5-$45 Once you have seen our samples, you let me know what your budget is for mala necklaces, and I will hand make a variety of styles and prices for your store

The first wholesale order has no minimum price. Any re-order is a small investment of only $250. We do not restrict you on how may mala necklaces or bracelets you can choose per order like other companies. We prefer you to order what fits your store whether it be all mala bracelets, all mala necklaces or a mix.


Delivery is a flat fee of only $10.00

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